The World Through Teen Eyes


I look deep into these walls as I cry myself to sleep. Then I think of all the children with not enought food to eat. Death and Poverty, what a world we live in today. Romney's cheap and selfish, so lets just smoke a J. Pop a Molly smoke a J, man isnt that all we think of today. It's a wonder we haven't over dosed on stupidity and sufficated on conceitedness. To not see in this world in may, were killing each other and blinded by this sudden death of common sence that's not present today. Complexity is the silence that can help, heal, kill, and steal. make a man break a man. Steal his innocence away. wouldn't it be easier to roll up, fold up, and smoke it till it fades.Get smacked, turnt up, and hide from all the pain. It's not my choice you see. Nicki Giovanni stated it to a tee. the world is not a perfect place to be. ~Sinceraly Chanell 


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