The World Through My Eyes (Why I Write)


To be successful is hard

Yet, to fail is a given.

It's ok to be '16 and pregnant'

That’s the world we live in.

I look up at the TV screens

And think they got it great.

Watch the news and here the bash

Wishing they'd give Obama a break.

See, he reached that far through struggle

And they’re quick to throw him out.

To lie and continually point fingers

Not knowing what the issue is about.

My eyes are wide open

But I'm a child, so what's the use?

To sit there and understand what they're saying,

But unable to touch the caboose

The world keeps spinning without me

While I think to see the light

Scared of the pain it may carry

With ending my own life

Doomed from the start with stereotypes

No hope in humanity

Hearing gun shots is normal

With no room for creativity

So what do I do now?

With my head down, I'm thinking

My back against the wall, I survive

While the world I grew in is sinking

I wanna be somebody different

But I wanna tell my story

Of how my mind hasn’t left me yet

And how undoubtedly paved the way for me

Looking at my older family

Watching them fail just at school

Looking below at my younger ones

Praying to GOD they don’t think it’s cool

So I move forward and persevere

Since it’s my turn to cross the stage

To finally hear mom say she’s proud

And dad watches me grace with age

Of how the world is a terrible place

Yet, I’m still here and proud

And how my size doesn’t make my story

I just push through this heavy cloud

Explain that Weirdo isn’t a bad thing

I wear the label on my chest

When someone says it, embrace it

Because in this life, you are blessed

I wanna tell the world my story

Of how I got here in the end

But there’s much I wanna tell you

How will I ever begin?

I guess I’ll start with a small time story

About a girl I know so well

And how she became a young lady

After breaching through her domestic shell


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