the world is in our open hands

We've got the world in our open hands.


With just a tap of finger, we've accessed the Web.

This dimensional universe of knowledge

that contains the world.


With a wave of our hands, we've turned a page.

These sheets inside books of recorded memories

that reflect the world.


With our God-given voices, we've unlocked the secrets to life.

Our vocal cords that can shake the nation with its uproar 

and captivate the world.


We've got the world in our open hands,

and I say it's time for us to clench it.

It's time for us to rise.

No more hiding in the night.

It's time for us to be free.

No more saying "I'm in fright."

It's time for us to become The World.

Because a land filled with love and acceptance...

Now's that's what I call RIGHT!


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