This world makes me tick!

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 05:11 -- alsayad

I've got Iraqi in my eyes
Love in my heart
Islam in my soul
And if I die tonight, that's how I wanna go you see, I'm done with this cruel world
And the death tolls
Governmental wars have left my brothers and sisters exposed
To this mass genocide,To this blood on their faces, to this military occupation
And who do we blame, when the media blames us! The children of Palestine or the lost fathers of Iraq. Do not fall victim to the lies of this miss conception, with the truth deprived from the innocent mans eyes, It is but a deception.
Science says you can not achieve order with chaos. Yet we continue this cancer, these wars, this man made disease has spread far past the seas further than the eyes can see.
GOD can you believe it... They say the only path to Peace is War
So is the only route to Love, Hate?
So is the only route to Life, Death?
GOD do you not see
The bombs over Bagdad
The missiles over Gaza
Do you not hear the cries
Thats the children of Arabiya


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