The World As I See It

Fri, 06/20/2014 - 17:21 -- Hoots00


Everyone wants to be pain free

But anger and pain closes in.

Wraps you up and suffocates you

The way of life that is pleasant

Crumbles to the end, with the BLOOD OF INNOCENTS

Time ticks as the world descends into darkness

Finding your path turns into

Finding anothers sorrows

Everyone wants to be pain free

But how could we when the world is on the brink of the end

Rampages of anger spreading like wild fire

Catching and finding everyone,

Burning them so they can show the world these wounds and scars

Trying to build boundaries to keep others out.


Peace has been tossed out the window

Filled in with the communication of hatred

But there is only 1%

That grabs peace, raises it up

AND keeps it as high as possible.

This is the heart of a 5’9” high school kid

Telling this to all those ungrateful pieces of shit

Hoping for peace to finally break out of its shell and come out

Yet, everyone wants to be pain free

But without peace and hope

The world will always be dark.

Once people can see that


Then, the love will begin

Flowers will bloom.

The sun will rise and always

Stay at the highest point in the day.

Help me make there be more than 1%

Rise up and grab a hold of hope

Help bring our lives back.  

Combine your heart with peace and hope.

Because everyone wants to be pain free.


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