World Connection

The power to connect,

To communicate,

To learn,

To teach,

To understand;

To connect you,



To communicate to the world,

So the world can communicate back,

To learn from you, so someone else can learn from me.

To teach you about me, and me about you;

Everyone will understand each other.

No war, just peace.

Let’s make a deal you and me,

I know it won’t be easy, because life never is, but

If you and I work hard,

If we get the college education that we need,

In whatever type of Foreign policy that we want,

It will work. The only thing holding you back is you, and holding back me is me.

If we take a step, towards the future to George Mason the school of my dreams.

World, promise your support.


Because I can’t change you without your help. 


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