A World Built on Lies

A woman walks up to the church with tears in her eyes

She looks straight down so no one sees the tears that she cries

She walks alone

In long dark clothes

So she can say "goodbye"

To the only thing in her life

That wasn't built on lies


He looks out in the night way up in the sky

It's times like these that make him want to curl up and die

With a world so small

And a hurt so large

Who'd want to stick around

To see what happens to this world

Built on lies for ground


Back in the garden long ago

Our world as we know it was made

Death and hate came to be

Truth guarded by a flaming blade

And now the fire's consuming everything

But the great strong hate

This world built on lies comes to see it's fate


How did we all not see this until right now?

The lies and hate so close they're pinning us down

They make us hurt

Not understand

Or see the truth at all

Our world built on lies

Has already started to fall


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