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Wed, 08/14/2019 - 12:07 -- Smk83

Work in progress.

How long is this shit going to last.
I've got to ask, can't we leve this in the past.
Let bygones be bygones. You did wrongs I did wrongs,
But to wrongs don't make a right,
An eye for a eye will make as both lose sight
of what's really important,are main priority.
A lil boy stuck in the middle an you think it's funny but it's no comedy.
It's not astolagey but his my star
your just being spitfull no matter how far I got to take this,
we got to break this cycle. Coz he will end up fucked up like you and I.
I won't denier ,
I look up at the night sky as I wite rimes. Not scared to admit I break down and cry sometimes coz what your doing should be a crime.
You know you crossed that thin blue line. It just a joke to you ( pantomime) and you just sit back and expect me to tow the line

Remember the time
When you forgot to mention I had a son. Did you fill the tension when you lied and tried to hide the fact he was mine.

I'm his dad,I can't just Let it go
You say Harvey don't want to know but your like main steam media,when I get the chance to see him I will tell him don't believe the bull they've been feeding ya but he will soon know. your messing with his mind with your brain washing strategies, trying to turn my Lil man against his daddy but he will grow and the cracks will start to show ,he will see your just cold like ice and snow.thats how it goes, "watch" For now his stuck to you like a moth to light but he will soon see what your like and that light will turn of,
may be you should think about what you got coz one day that bond you have will be lost, all because of your lies.

Yea it hurt for sure wen I saw my name was not on the birth cert, coz legally I'm like an amputee, I've not got a leg to stand on and I'm asking where did we go so wrong, it took that long to tell me about my of spring. Not one contact visit was up for the offering. I persist at it, yea stick at like a proxyresin. Not getting to know my lil man has got me head in a spin like a spinning top.ill ask again when will this stop.

Keith 2017

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