words unspoken

       Not one word has left my mouth but i said so much, don't understand. I try to be good, dont ask for much but It hurts. Keepin it to myself. It builds up like bricks sittin on your gut. It's only so long you can take the. I dont think many people understand...its ok. It's always what they want me to be but its not, im not, I'm me. Who said words dont hurt? They lied. It hurts even more to keep it inside. Can't let it out, it'll cause damage. It'll cause damns in my eyes to fall open vaults to emotions and harm the innecent. I'm sorry. The bible said in heaven God will wipe away all tears and you shall no longer worry. I belive it, I'll be ok; but not one word has left my mouth but I said so much. So that no hearts are broken no love is stolen I will die with words unspoken.   Jameka Wynn 11-11-2010                                                                                                                                           


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