the words they will never hear

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 18:09 -- shel

Mouths I have kissed
a thousand times
Letting fanged words slither out
"Why is it always about rape with you?"
little venomous sounds
hissing at my heels.
"It’s not love if you don’t fuck."
further back down the timeline
down the records of people I have loved
who have left scars in my mind:
"the sins you create in your brothers
are your own shortcomings.”
My skin is shame, my bones are wrong
I am a secret,
a skeleton in a closet
And I am wrong to be my own.
I am wrong to hurt when they grunt
over my tears.
I am wrong to fight
when they are sapping, shaping,
killing my sisters,
when they are scarring your daughter.
When I am one blink away
from the terror, you say
"Just close your eyes."


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