Words from a Floater

how does it feel to float

float high


higher into the air

you feel free, don’t you?

you are a balloon

joined with a conglomeration of other balloons, just like you

colors so vivid and lasting, so full of life

then someone takes a pair of scissors

and snips away at your string

so you are alone

set free, they say

free to drift through the wind

but are you happy?

is happiness supposed to be attached to freedom?

what if you don't want to be cut loose

to keep your ties

to ground your anchor

to have your stable rock

to be in the presence of others, to be wanted to be in the presence of others

because it gives you the assurance that at least you belong somewhere

to know that you’re not a ghost, a sideline

to know that you are needed

that you matter

what if you want to fall back down to the earth

because my dear, you’ve been floating enough

back down to where you can find acceptance

back down to security

back down to a welcome with open arms

you’re sick of being on standby, watching everyone else belong

waiting for you to belong too

how can floating feel so free

but so confined at the same time?

you try to come back to earth

but it seems like gravity refuses to pull you back down

maybe it was intended, maybe it was meant to be this way

so you have no choice but to just float

to keep floating

to float

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I hope my poem gives you another aspect of what exclusion feels like.


Thank you for all who read my piece. 

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