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In a dark dungeon.


Screams and cries-

echoing off the black walls.


Normalcy turned freak.

Unanswered panic.

Heart beating out.

Crying bloody, bloody murder.


Murder was the reason.


Swollen tears.


Why am I so cold?

It’s lonely down here.

The steps go down for miles,

that’s why no one visits.


These walls are swaying in my vision.

Coma surfacing, taking over.


Why is this happening?


Rocking helps put me to sleep.

Where I weep.



I don’t recognize these features.


“I tried to hit you, among other things…

I thought it would help.”


Being attack from the inside and out-

worsens the cuts through my veins.



Blurred vision and perception.



Unnerved and frigid.

Unknown silence.

Lost now.


Knock next time.



“I want to make sure she doesn’t break anything in the house.”


Am I a robber? An intruder?

Who do you think I am?


Relax better if you weren’t here.


Skin red, bruised, beaten, and blamed.

My soul is crying out-

body is in the way.


Sting is felt, apparent now.

Reminder of course of trauma.


Coughing up foul faults.


Please leave me.


Do you want the glass to shatter?

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