Words That Can Save Lives

He didn’t know how much it meant to me,

When he told me that he was proud of me.

Instead he kept living with the mindset that it meant nothing,

That his words rolled off of my back

Instead his words kept replaying in the back of my mind.

Endlessly waiting for them to turn negative,

But I have found 

That nothing that he said was ever negative in any way


Those are the people that need to know,

How much their words have saved lives

A simple hello or goodbye,

Has such an impact on my decision,

To live or to die.


The way people smile at someone,

Like they don’t even know,

That they could be crumbling at every edge.

Yet still they chose to smile at that very moment.

Moments like that.

It’s moments like that,

That ultimately ends up saving lives.


The words said,

The actions done,

Everything that happens in a day.

It either builds up the pressure,

Or let it softly flow away.


It might seem too simple,

Or obnoxiously terrifying,

But the truth is,

Throughout life,

Everything aids in people’s decisions,

Either to live,

Or to die.


Sometimes we just have to pull out words that can save lives.


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