1. Yo I use words to be superb, words 

  1. I use to paint pictures so I can observe  

  1. Words, I use to put God first  

  1. Knowing that my poetic words will give you the gift of life and show the curse  

  1. Words is what I believe makes this world turn  

  1. Words can be used to make people feel that burn  

  1. That damn, u heard what he said?  

  1. Words that will enter the head  

  1. And bring someone back to life from being brain dead  

  1. Words is my bread that I can share with the world  

  1. Use Words “like I love you” to your very first girl  

  1. They say sticks and stones may break your bones  

  1. But words would never hurt you  

  1. Words is the sticks and stones that'll use to build you a new home  

  1. Words roam my inner being  

  1. Words makes up my DNA  

  1. Because I was born into this world with words to say  

  1. I don't play, poetic words is what gets me through the day  

  1. Smooth words can massage my mind and help me meditate  

  1. Words allow me to never be disturbed  

  1. As I yearn for higher power  

  1. Evil words is what I devour  

  1. Turning the evil people into cowards  

  1. Words allowed my spirit to blossom like a beautiful flower  

  1. Words allowed me to understand what's wrong and what's right  

  1. Even God used words and said: “Light there be light”  

  1. Words allowed me to step up to the mic  

  1. Words allowed me to generate bars to lift up with all of my might  

  1. Words are my veins, connections  

  1. Neurons that communicate to you so you can understand my message  



This poem is about: 
Our world


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