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Check-in in the middle of the night Can't breathe can't see But the world is oh so bright Clearly knowing clearly hoping Not to check-out in the morning But then the phone rings And there is a choice
You are the laugh of a baby My favorite song You are the feeling I get on Christmas morning The presents I open You are the warm hug from family However, you are not the acne on my face
W h o   w o u l d h a v e   t h o u g h t   t h i s   p a s t
For shame the lone golden jackal follows The trail of the tiger through the laurels Picks off what's left until its hunger grows, Again whilst for nothing the tiger toils; For shame the wings of night filch the canine; As the dog hunts for its wel
You are the tears that stain these pages You create pain that lasts for ages You are the wind that rips cities apart You are the words that break so many hearts You are the mind that spawns he lies
  I am a seed I am planted and nurtured, carefully tended as I grow, there is no knowledge of what I will become, a beginning awaiting I am a flower
I've been thinking of you.  The way the quiet symphony that  Plays through your vocal chords Slips it's hand down my panties And its tongue in my ear So easily
Fare thee well, my heart, which I have sundered Ripped from my own chest, ne'er to pain again Oh how it agonized and it thundered When thou left my side and thus followed: rain.
I am the whisperer   You may never hear a single word from me But rather, hints here and there—everywhere A calming wind, a sparkle in the evening air A forgotten dream, a burdened care  
Summer’s curse has thus hardened my soul To the conceptions lovely Spring had bestowed I long for Autumn’s calm wind and idle thought Untainted by reality and the dull of this world  
Rivulets fall from your eyes Have you forgotten how to smile?   You never speak of the starry skies Have you forgotten how to dream?   I wonder why your eyes avoid mine
Eyes are the doorway.Enter this typically smiling place but a frown will form;the gut seeming stuffed with aches and pains,even between cracks and crevices,attempting to crumble borders.
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