Wed, 07/30/2014 - 14:45 -- h7anne7


Words that taunt,
Words that flow,
Words that tease.
If not written
They will certainly flee,
Escape your mind to bleed.
For they will be never more
Then a thought, that drifted with the wind,
Escaped like an animal into the wild,
But to die like a captive, for they never learned,
Ferocity, Survival and Skill.
Words are malevolent,
Words are cunning,
Words are cruel.
They are what brought about nations,
And what also makes them crumble.
As the years pass on it’s these that remain,
The words of Writers
Those of great fame.
For these twisted things, are nothing short of a beast.
With a patient mind and steady hand
They may be tamed.
It is only then that a writer takes full potential,
For without the proper words
The story has no
Eloquence, Significance, or Meaning
And thus no beginning or end.


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