Sat, 07/19/2014 - 11:59 -- Love954

Their words could crush the world to dust, but they crush me instead.

For each word is an acute blade that cuts my skin.

Constantly stabbing me as saliva from their filthy mouths sting my open wounds. 

Everyday I am traumatize by their words: "ugly"  "stupid"  "fat"

Their words make my soul cry out to the skies, driving me into an emotional hole called insanity. 

I cannot STAND being another human being on this Earth because their words haunt me.

Day after day taunting my every move: "dyke"  "faggot"  "piece of shit"

Their words are the why I hate to look in the mirror.

I am ashamed of my own reflection.

If I could I would break it to pieces with my hands, and watch it shatters to the floor.

For their words are contagious like a melody to a song that plays in my mind,

Follow me like a shadow that refuses to disappear,

And abuse my innocence in the night while I am sleeping: "whore"  "slut"  "dirty"  "stank"

When will they cease?

I swallow their words like poison.

Venom more deadly than lethal injection into my veins 

It's only a matter of time before it kills me, but not before I kill myself.

For I am fed up, and tired of their words making my life a living hell.

So I would grab a pistol, aim it towards my head, and think.

Think about the positive outcomes by not pulling the trigger.

Not having my mother weep over my lifeless body in a pool of blood.

Not having my little brother look at this world so differently 

I would think about that, but their words are the last things that come to my mind : "stupid"  "ugly"  "dirty"  "fat"   "dyke"  "faggot" "slut"   "stank"   "whore"   "piece of shit"


Their words could crush the world to dust, but they have crushed mine instead.



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