Fri, 05/17/2013 - 00:34 -- MelGarr

I have realized
And this is quite true
That every second without you
I feel so blue
And every breath I take
Feels like a waste
When I'm not using it on you

I can't stand from being alone
Not hearing your voice say
How much it needs me every day
And it tears me up inside
To know all these words I want to say
They always rot then fade away
Right before I need to say what I want to say

Forgive me if I don't make sense
For I only wish to make sense
Something I never could
Something I probably should
How much I need you every day

I could say all of these beautiful things
And light a smile on your face
I could tell you of all that you deserve
When you feel out of place
You might not believe any of the words I say
But I do mean it when I tell you
That I love you more than words could ever portray


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