Wondering what life holds


Day dreaming 

Imangining what my future holds 

will I be an uneducated kid 

from the deep Delta South 

stuggling trying to find the easy way out. 

I hope not. 

People dwell on the manner of how 

they imagine their lives 

could have been 

Should have went to school 

Should have surrounded myself with the

good crowd of smart kids 

Now I see their lives are bad now 

I witnessed the best of them 

crumble, dragged to the circle 

of disappointment.

Senior , had straight A's 

could have attended school  wherever she wanted 

Week before graduation her mother died ohh that 

devastating news killed her pride

made a deep wound inside of her heart 

While along her mother transitioning to a better life 

The pain she was enduring was because 

of the physical lost of her beloved mother. 

Only effort she can do to try to heal her pain

was to indulge by reminiscence about the 

great times her and her mother shared. 

Even doing that could not heal half the pain she was feeling. 

I couldn't imagine my mother not being there for me 

sitting at the bleachers cheering me on 

awhile I recieved my diploma turning my tassle.

Years passed by I seen her life go downhill.


Cocaine user

She had a bright future ahead of her

College , Job at law firm, she even told me

she wanted a family

That sistuation inverted her life

put her through the tunnels of hell and wrongfulness 

Now trying to reconstruct the mishaps of her past

She's been clean for 3 years applying to go back to school 

She's one of the individuals I admire

Through all the obstacles and milestones she faced

she was able to persevere through all the evil life throwed at her.

As I recall I witnessed the best of them crumble 

heading to the circle of disappointment 

But very few got up and fixed their mistakes. \

Still Day Dreaming

I hope life treats me swell 

Not saying I want a perfect life

Im going to make mistakes 

God knows I will

If  I do so happen to crumble, stumble 

fall into the  wilderness of life's heaviest blows 

I hope God provides me guidence with his holy words 

Still young 

Still dumb learning 

and experincing life as it goes by 

wondering how life will provoke me 

allure me into the things that are not me 

Whatever life has in store for me I hope its ready

To get dealt with my strongest right hooks 




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