Women of the World hear my cry!


I am women

Stronger then a rock

But softer then a feather

I can withstand anything and everything

From slavery to women rights and the typical stereotypes

I am women

Free-living and powerful from every color to shape

From mouths of different counties

We are the heart and soul of the world and families

From the battles within to the ones of sin

We continue to rise and rise again

Hear the sound of us

The sound of our costly tears we bleed

For our country, families, and people 6 feet deep

With our fist held high to praise and the understanding

Of our women overseas and right here standing

So when you look at our face

You have to know that we’re made

Of everything love and pain

According to ledisi are pieces of us

Even though Tyler Perry portrays 

A mad woman’s shame

 Jill Scott Say

We’re so blessed yes… yes

Blessed to have come all this way

I will be the first to say

I am women


©Blue/ finesse Gordon



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