Women are the weakest.

Never will you hear anyone say

girls are not necessary for more than reproduction

How can we say

women are not just on earth to be men’s partner.

It is impossible that

a woman could have the strength to run a country or an army.

It is so obvious

a woman can not stand up to a challenge.

It is never going to be true that

men are merely better than women.

Never will you hear anyone say

a woman can be who she wants.

It is so easy to see

a girl can never solve her own problems.

So many believe the untrue statement that

a woman is equal to a man.

Everyone knows

men deserve more because they simply work more.

I will never say

Women are the strongest.

(now try reading it from bottom to top)




I was inspired to write this from seeing the endless struggles women must endure. From ordinary girls like me to powerful women, the fight is prominent, and I truly believe this can and will change. 

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