"A Woman's Message"


Here's a message to every girl across the world. Know that you are not a tool. Stop allowing men to deprive your soul with the pleasure of lust. This is not trust, but only an opposition of love, only a sour abuse that men use to fool your soul with the deluded thought of every woman's dream commitment.


Society has every girl's mind so tangled. With the delusion of an image that everyone's suppose to be a picure perfect beauty queen or in those size two jeans with perfect little shape. While, this is up for debate, here's a message to every girl across the world. You're beautiful the way you are, don't let anyone tell you different you're a star.


Look in the mirror in love who you see, because that is all you can be. No matter what you do, no matter who you're with, no matter how far you go, you'll always see that reflection of the real you inside. It's a blessing you are you, so don't hide the true beauty of what makes you beautiful.


There's no other person that can for fill your shoes! You cannot lose, you're born a winner. No need to be thinner, love yourself girl or no one will. Allow your heart to be genuinely healed. Only you know what it's like to be you. Therefore, ladies never let the thought of others deprive what you think of yourself. You are as beautiful as you think you are, even with a dark scar.


Stop screaming all men are the same, when the ones you are chasing are not really the blame. In reality you are the blame for allowing yourself to be broken by the guys with no ambition or empathy for your future mission! Turning your nose up at the educated guys "labeling them as nerds or too nice" but they're the one's that want to give you an addition to the world. Let this be the end of the infatuation spur of the moment. Lust can blind you with the imagination of a women's dream commitment.


Learn to appreciate a guy that is attracted by your intelligence and not by your body. You are more than just a piece of meat looked at as a party. Love yourself enough to earn respect. You don't need help, just someone to show you the steps.


Remember every day, God created us all in his image. You all are beautiful in differing ways. None of you should allow yourselves to be played! Don't let society fool you with the thought that an outer appearance matters more then a nourshing heart. It's the beauty inside that holds the part. Here's a message to every girl across the world, hold on to your intelligence because no one can take away your knowledge.


It's the only part of the mind that's flawless.



I stare at my reflection in the mirror as if it's someone else. Why am I doing this to myself, I've left the real me on the shelf.


I stare out the window pane and see a reflection of the old me. I see nothing but a lost little girl filled with pain. I notice all the damage that's been done to her brain. I notice the scars underneath her soul.


I stare into the big blue sea only to see a reflection of me. I stare into the water and wish that it wasn't me, but maybe a sign from god to be who I want to be.


I stare into the eye's of my mother, and I see myself born again. I see my scars fade away. I see my pain turn gay. I feel her tears running deep within me filling my empty heart....


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