The Woman in Red (sestina)

Today I dyed my arm red

I drained myself of life

I sat under the stars

and took a gasping breath

Tomorrow I will wake

and repeat the same morning


I will never have the same morning

I will never see the roses red

The sun will stop shining when I wake

The grass will have no life

And at night when I can't breath

I will stare at the stars


He took aaway my stars

He took away my morning

I still feel his breath

I still see him, red

The night I lost my life

and the emptiness when I awake


But I never asked to wake

"I don't want to look at the stars"

I never did control my life

Only hours before morning

I saw the world in shades of red

That's how I spend my last breath


Was it also his last breath?

Does he see my face the moment he is awake?

My blood shining under the bright moon, red?

Have others sat under those stars?

and watch the night turn to morning?

In light of a newfound lifeless life


But it's all a secret life

A lonely last breath

A familiar different morning

Nobody comforts a dead girl awake

Nobody sees the same stars

and mine have turned rose red


He was wearing red when he took my life

I watched the stars with my last breath

but I'll still wake up tomorrow morning




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