Woe is Me, Wow is Me

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 17:57 -- jsa6023

Life is short, but life has offerings.

So many offerings, that so many don’t learn to take.

From a young age I was offered beauty and pain.

The pain wasn’t a choice, but the beauty was.


I went through the pain.

The pain of having peers push me around.

Feeling unwanted and unworthy of life.


The pain of having a crummy, slimy father.

He spoke words of malice.


We left him behind.

So many dark days I was given.


I would not be a victim.

I fought for the bright days.


With perseverance I received the beauty from the pain.

I learned love trumps hate.

I regained my worth.


I became an advocate by living honest.

I try to show others the beauty.

Because life is beauty.

Life is awesome. 

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My family
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