Without the Smoke and Mirrors

Who is the man I see when I look in the mirror

Throw aside the filters and the facade and the image gets clearer

I am not the perfect guy that I try to be

Throw aside that hollow mask and all I am is Me

I might not be the most handsome or strongest man around

I might not be the richest or have world wide renown

Though I have my flaws and imperfections

I don't need any artificial corrections

The man I see might be a geek

But i am proud to be unique

I'm glad that I'm different and stand out from the crowd

I don't need to hide who I am under a shroud 

I embrace my weirdness and inner nerd

Though the world says the traits aren't preferred 

Because pretending to be who I see on TV

Suppresses my personality

By dropping the filter

and the smoke and glitter

I am finally free to be

Who I am Me


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