Without the Obstruction

I don't show you me, I swear.  I'd rather not let you know.

I don't let you see, I swear.  The one inside my own.

Without the trimmings and the trappings

Without the frosted glass and wrappings

I'm someone else entirely.

Who?  That's the question.  

The person I make you believe that I am

Is just a performance of me giving a damn.

On the inside I care, I suppose that it's true;

But inside me, as well, is the reflection of you.

You project yourself inside of me

And make me who you want me to be.

But I'm not really her.

Instead, I am a stronger, more vivid person,

With flaws and imperfections.

Underneath my makeup, I have zits.

Underneath my intelligence, I act without thinking.

Underneath my good decisions, I make bad ones.

I don't let very many people see me with no filter.

I don't let very many people see me at all.

I am afraid to show the world that I'm not who they want me to be.

It scares me to be myself.



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