Without a House


United States
41° 3' 42.3288" N, 81° 31' 26.346" W

Without a house, you are called a bum
You're a "hobo," the homeless, and looked down upon.
Regardless of your story, not mindful of your creed,
People pass you by, and ignore your basic needs.
No food, no water, no shelter- how do you survive?
The simple things in life, you appreciate and thrive.
They still give you looks of disgust, sorrow, and sometimes pain.
But no one asks you why or how, or even for your name.
Without a house, they do not care who you are inside.
But something I find really sad is that society lied.
They call us HOMELESS, but that term is not very smart
For home is where the heart is;
You are not homeless without a house; you are homeless without a heart.

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