You helped to bring me into this world.

You supply me with more than the other ever would.

You bring me many things;

Joy, Hope, Kindness.


Without you I would be lost.

Without you I would be filled with mistakes.

Without you I would feel many things:

Loss, Pain, Doubt, Hate.


You root me and guide me.

You lead me on the right path.

Your opinion is the most important of all.

Never leave me, Never let me fall. 


Sometimes I wonder why you are so strict on me.

Sometimes I wish you would leave me be.

Then I realize through the thick brick wall,

It's just you watching out for me.


When you say no instead of yes,

I come to realize that you are the best.


Continue on being how you are.

Be the Dad I will always love,

Because that is who you really are.

This poem is about: 
My family
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