Within The Shadows

The deep dark secrets,
That harbor in the pit of my,
Damned into an upside down abyss, 
and at the very bottom,
I lie.
In wait for me to be good enough.
For my personality to be accepted.
The smile that is hidden away because my teeth aren't straight.
The funny jokes that stay tucked away in the crevasse of my mind,
because no one cares to laugh anymore.
The heart that can convey an out pour of love, 
has burned the sleeve,
refusing to ever sit out again.
The shadows of the world take the light,
and turn it as cold as sin.
"It's not good enough."
Torches burn every once in a while,
showing a mere whisper of who I am.
But until the world is ready,
I'll be just like Superman,
concealing and never revealing, 
my identity. 
The world is just not ready,
for an amazing me.
A star just being born.
Left alone,
Until it has already died.
Too late that wish will come,
to have met me.
A funny,
strong and courageous, 


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