Within Me

Forget how many times you’ve fallen, today is a new day, and a new start

Say “I Can Do This!” with power and strength. “I have eyes, ears, hands, feet, a mind and a heart. I am missing nothing.

I can take advantage of my advantages.

It doesnt matter how many times I’ve fallen,

whether I break an arm or my heart

I will persevere.


My hands are able to write

of my heart’s breathtaking laughter, smiles and cries

But they also write about how I will thrive through all the drowning waves of the despairing sea.

They may write of my unilluminating yesterdays but they do write of my brightening tomorrows.


These hands can learn to play the piano, paint in the style of Van Gogh, win in tennis and racquetball, and aim to the center of the target in archery

They can learn to do Anything

It is all within me


My eyes are able to see the good and the evil, the blessings and the injustices, the right path and the astray. They see where to enter and where not to. And if I sprain myself on a ditch, next time I’ll know to look both ways first and at the ground too.


My ears listen to melodies and laughter but they also listen to others’ words. and I decide whether to keep the nonsense or the knowledge.

Others’ voices are sometimes helpful

but what my mind speaks is also a voice to listen to.


My feet are able to walk where they, I,desire.  I say No to walking towards the rotting mountain of trash and I say Yes to walking to walking towards the buildings in which I get to feed my brain with knowledge and wisdom.


My mind and heart can ignore the 1000 times my skin color has been the wrong shade on the canvas, my glasses been my superpower of geekiness, or my pom poms the IQ test score telling you I failed.


Don’t tell me I need makeup to look beautiful because true beauty is in the inside

I don’t need to wear a new fancy shirt every day

or hang with the leading popular crowd.

My coolness is not decided by others’ hotness

Watch me, I do have superpowers.

It is all within me


We may not be the top authority; the demanding ruling, the head of a leading empire where there is always peasant vs. rich battle, but we have will, power, and voice within us.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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