Within and Without


It screeched in my ears,

Echoing across the earth.

The everlasting sky bent to hear,

the Presents of Death and Birth.


My mother's hands comforting,

My father's coarse yet warm.

I cried within and without.

"Born of love," I willed to shout.


Eyes watched me,

Asking that I should see.

Ignorant in my youth,

They thought me something cute.


To see what was real I read,

My mind absorbed the moral.

I built my own creed,

The velvet heart hard as coral.


Without my face remained expressionless,

My eyes judging humanity.

Ice gripped my heart,

Afraid of monsters tearing me apart.


Within waged a battle,

between Heaven and Hell's mantle.

The catheral of my heart prayed!

The voices whispered.


Prosper within my heart,

Build walls an fortify.

True beauty will fly you little lark.

A servant to your giving mother you stand against those who mortify.


In truth walls never remain standing,

Mine fell long ago.

The cathedral of my heart prayed!

I am humble grace and morally sane.



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