From Within

The reason why I please you so much
is to show how I feel so inadequate, to show how I feel I am not enough
should I introduce you to
Miss All-Laughs, Miss All-Smiles, Miss So-Independent, Miss So-Strong?

Did you know
I am drowning in all these voices, these personalities
each one commanding me to act a certain way, another way

because of the thought YOU might act differently towards
Honestly, I just want you to like me for me,
but how can you
when you have not seen all these insecurities?
Please let me put on this face for you because
I know you are very fond of it

It takes years to build a reputation
and a lifetime to maintain it

No I am not just one,
but all
just for each and everyone of you.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



This is something I wrote about after doing much self-reflection of how I act around certain people. I learned molding myself to fit other people's eyes does not fill an individual with fulfillment, but an emptiness instead. Thus, I just want to strive for things I believe are right and worthy.

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