wishes and fears

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 21:58 -- hcory1


United States
38° 36' 57.2508" N, 90° 17' 41.568" W

I am afraid of the dark
I am afraid of a dogs bark
I am afraid that i will lose my loved ones
I am afraid someone will die on the run
I am even afraid of life and a baby's cry
I am afraid of the bright light
I am afraid of the ghosts at night
i am afraid that someone will lie
I am afraid that I may just cry
I am even afraid of my dreams that fright
I want the world to strive
I want to feel alive
I want everyone to know
I want everyone to grow
I even want peace and harmony
I want my mind to be re leaved
I want my passion to never leave
I want the world to not be so afraid
But most of all I want my education
To be able to say I am someone
and someone is ready for change



I just really need a good scholarship to help me afford my goals!

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