Wisdom is Peace. Peace is Wisdom.

Tue, 03/17/2015 - 01:37 -- k8carr



Education, understanding,

Knowledge, it’s full extent,


Spread it farther than it touches,

Stretch it, pull it, full extent,


But what of understanding is

Found without a knowledge within.

Take care of our own.


But since all need to learn

We could all learn together.


Combining truth from past experience,

Adding wisdom along the way,


But how

For a world is full of opinions

And few are what we like,


Yet knowledge will remind us

To tolerate their ideas

Be patient with their trespasses


We carry similar burdens that cannot go unknown.


Allow all wrongs righted,

Push understanding through compromise,


Find the spots where we agree

But don’t forget where we are apart,


Tolerate the different that we don’t understand,

Ask about the conflicts that go against our truths.


All to gain the happiness,

Be content then when we know



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Our world
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