Winning by failure

I cry when I try
Because I'm known to fail
I cry because I won the battle
I cry because I lost the war
I cry because I left the one who loved me first
I left because I thought loving was to learn to hate
I cry because I wanted to feel feelings unfelt
Im dry
I'm dry Because I met a new friend
His name's blue
Blue keeps his promises
Blue smiles
Blue tells me what I want to hear
Blue never leaves me
Blue told me he's here till ashes come to my death
Blue is my love
Blue won't hurt me
I'm dry Because blue kept others from me
I'm dry Because I'm pain free
I'm dry Because I'm safe
I'm dry Because I'm alone
I'm blue
I'm blue because I'm isolated
I'm blue because I feel nothing
I'm blue because I'm painless
I'm blue because I am numb.
Im blue because I don't know anything else
I'm blue because blue and I love each other
He calms me with a whisper
Blue is angry
Blues is jealous
Give me space blue
I need space because you take up my time
I need space because you keep me from others
I need space because I have none
Please don't cry blue
One more night
Blue held me with no feelings like I wanted
Because he didn't wanna hurt me
We fought
We slept
I awoke and blue did not
Blue is dead
Blue is gone
Your broke your promise blue
I cried
I packed my bags
Empty orange bottles, broken memories, and my flesh
I met a new friend today
Her name is yellow
Yellow is different
She sings with no whisper
She laughs with love
She feels what I don't
Yellow touched me
With words I did not know
With feelings I never knew
These feelings began to feel
I feel the sun
Yellow is the sun
I feel my my lips touch my my eyes
Yellow is a smile
I feel the horizon
Yellow is the horizon
I feel beautiful
Yellow is beautiful
Yellow handed me a letter
From the one who loved me first
I read what I need
I read what I love
I read a promise
A promise of a first
A first of my feeling
A feeling of warmth
A feeling of sent
A feeling of rose pedals
A feeling of a heart
A feeling of hope
A feeling of a presence
A preasance of God
I am yellow yellow is me
I won because I failed
I lost blue
I failed blue

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