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I am a woman like any other,

Full of Imperfections.

I compete although I know,

I won’t win.

I walk as if I’m perfect,

And stride with confidence.

But on the other side,

There’s the ‘me’ that is breaking down.

There are many out there with this situation,

But people like you make it hard to breathe in.

You point out my imperfections,

It cuts me like a knife and hurts my pride.

My confidence diminished,

My thoughts has become small.

Thinking how I can ever change,

How I wish you could be me and I be you.

I rebuke back,

Just to let the embarrassment go away,

How you trash talk me in front of your friends,

Not knowing how embarrassing it is for me to face,

The fact,

That I had to go that situation.

You’re different,

You are the ideal visual I’ve longed to be,

But you laugh and make fun of the efforts I have put in.

To be skinny,

To be beautiful,

To be what all people thought was ‘beautiful’.

You see,

That was the problem with society…

It made me feel unwanted,

A person that did not go with the visuals of the 21st Century.

This world is like a big stage for you and me,

A beauty pageant.

We’re all lined up,

Giving our speeches to the big crowd.

I am giving it my all,

But you’re backstage chilling with a can of coke.

While, I’m deliberately refraining myself from trying to look any fatter.

Laughing and smiling at this body of mine,

Because you know I won’t ever beat you.

I look at myself in the mirror..



And tears dripping down my face.

Don’t tell me that I look fine,

When I know I’m not,

And that you’re only speaking words that society has taught.

But that was the past,

I’ve met those that loved me for who I was.

They expanded my vision,

They didn’t care about my visuals.

They only cared about “me”,

As they worked together with me to obtain my goals.

That was the first time I felt that being “me”,

Was the most precious gift of all.

Not caring about how the world viewed me at all.

This beauty pageant,

I’ve lost.

But know that in reality,

I’m the real winner.


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