Will It Change ?

They Still Have Money For Wars ,
But No Money To Feed The Poor .

Laws Passed For Gay Marriage ,
But Still Won't Let People Of Color Enter And Exit Through The Fancy Doors .

Cops Getting Away With Murder , Getting Let Off Without More Than A Warning .

We Got Children Hoping And Wishing That Their Dads and Brothers Will Live To See The Next Morning.

Different Races Blasting At Each other , Not knowing what they are even starting .

The government is trying to get into our heads , we are the ones that they are thinking about outsmarting .

Our Kids Are on the streets at such a young age , Our kids shouldn't have to worry about when the next bill has to be paid .

This world is so messed up in so many ways , From the government , To the race wars , nobody knows what's gonna happen the next day .

Don't know if its the color of my skin , or the way I carry myself .

Don't know if its the way I talk , But whatever the problem is , this world needs to move beyond it and seek help .


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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