The Wild Chase(Extended Metaphor Poem to "The Writer")

Behind the grasses, I hear the running footsteps of my prey

As I watch, I analyze its movements, gestures, and expression

I stare with hunger, and drool with anticipation of its death

The words on the paper appear as fast as the trail that I hunt

The thoughts that come and go

Are like the preys that become trapped and contained by I

I, the cheetah, the lion, the vigorous tiger

I await for the break of dawn in the sky

When the sun goes down, I become the bat, the owl

With night vision that no one else has

The ideas in my mind are dormant

I hear my heartbeat, I hear the wind

I listen with patience for the surrounding creatures

As I swoop through the stars,

I relax against the cool breeze on my body

I feel the freedom;

It is so vast and vague

Freedom is unpleasant

It may sound astounding,

But freedom is confusing

Like the illusions of a lizard,

No one can say they know its true color,

It camouflages and blends in with its surroundings

I am the surrounding,

Tricked by the lizard,

Like struggling to build a fire in the rain,

Wondering why the fire wouldn’t start


There are moments when a spark appears

Suddenly the rain stops,

And the sunshine creates a rainbow on the ground

At the end of the rainbow is where I find my treasure.





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