Make me a fantasy out of all of the stars,

just how deep do they pierce the skin?

Whisper to me that i've lost sweet control

as we thrive in our velvet and gin.

I’ll love you like heaven if you’ll be my hell,

burning like morning light.

These vanity games we play are insane,

but they keep me up at night.

And you drive me wild, you drive me wild...


Make me a world out of all the inane,

the blissful, sardonic, and free,

and let me pretend that it’s all sweet control,

that it’s all infinity.

I’ll love you like depths of a perfect escape

until it’s left crumbling to dust.

These circles we spin in just keep us insane,

but it’s all in love and lust.

And you drive me wild, so godamn wild...


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