We all know what they say, Lust is wicked, Love is weak.

It clashes with our society and it truly confuses me.

Sex, money, and drugs are trending,

but tell a girl she’s beautiful and somehow it’s offending.

I guess that’s wicked now,

to love a girls face,

but to thirst for her body must not be a disgrace.

They tell me do what feels good, I mean like every fuckin’ day

But wait doesn’t your God tell you that ain’t the way?

To fuck girls day and night but then you want to condemn Gays?

Go and cuss out your parents but you’re going to heaven you say?

I guess I’ve had this religion thing backwards since the first day.

You wear that Cross but then kill someone because they’re a snitch?

But you get offended when I say that life's a bitch?

You guys are so hypocritical it doesn’t even make sense.


Just think about this,

about the fact that we are truly wicked,

the fact that our wickedness is truly distinctive.

Look at how we treat other in this world,

But we say we are God’s “people”.

Look at how we kill and maim others,

But we say we are God’s “people”.

Look at how we say we “forgive”,

Cause we are God’s “people”.

It’s funny how we think we deserve to live

Cause we are God’s “people”.

But with all this wickedness,

Our own evil could not be anymore distinctive.


Now I use to be religious,

Trust me I really did.

Followed my parents and went to church just like every other kid.

But then I opened up the Bible and noticed,

“This makes no sense”.

All these stories and teachings like I'm learning from Mike Pence.

I searched for the truth,

not believing what I read.

I saw the genocides,

the murders,

the racism,

the prejudice,

everything defined wicked,

all caused by man.

And then they want to justify it,

Say “it was all in God’s plan.”

The funniest thing,

the thing that most people don't understand,

is that Bible was also created by man.


Some say that I am doing wrong,

Some say I can't run away,

Some say that I better convert before doomsday,

Some even say I'm another of Satan’s prey.

But I just can't stand to say that I’m Christian,

to live in God’s “way”,

knowing that we are almost as wicked as Satan in every way.


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Our world
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