Wicked Games


I wish we talked more you know just so I can hear your voice

And feel your emotions come through as your voice stays flat

Hear all the lies you have made up just for me.


I miss when we would laugh

I miss when we held hands when no one was around

And I miss the way you jumped away from my hand when people were around

As if my fingertips had burst into flames


I loved the way you looked at me

the way your eyes tinted when you saw me

I loved the way you would smile at me

It was as if you actually liked me


And I remember the way you kissed me

I felt the want,the need,the pressure to make me see

That you were in to me

And of course I believed you for that split second,minute


It’s funny you know, just how naive I was

Because I too had a need a want

I wanted to be called beautiful, and all that cliche stuff

And you did just that,


You say i deserve someone better that may be true

But I can't help how I feel around you

My heart skips a million beats

I smile at just the thought of you


And it’s not fair that you drive me crazy

With your Wicked games

And we spend weeks without talking and then we start again


But listen I never cried for you because my tears are too precious to spear

And my heart will never be yours again.



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