Why Write?



Why write?

Because writing takes you to a whole new level.
Write because writing allows a new chapter of life,
A new story, a new beginning, and an ending.
Write for life because that is what we are born to do.

We are born to express our thoughts
Through knowledge and through words of
Self-expression and self-confidence.  

Can't write?

Speak in words of writing,
If you are not able to write.
Writing is not all about grabbing a writing utensil,
And using your hands to mark through a piece of paper.
It is about the effort of using precise words 
To allow your point across. 

Why do I write?

I write because it is a part of my daily life.
I write because it allows me to be a better writer.
I write because I can express my thoughts through words 
That no one else will understand through my perspective.

So, write.
Because writing is important for the mind and soul
To further exercise the brain
And allow a new challenge of writing. 

So, write.
Not just for education purposes,
But for yourself and myself,
And everyone else around the world.




Need to talk?

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