Why write?


United States
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I write for the women before me
Who had no rights to express their thoughts
Oppressed through the generations
Until someone took a stand

I write for the wives like me
Judged by the jobs of their husbands
Asked why they don't follow in his footsteps
Instead of letting them blaze their own trails

I write for the girls like me
Who grew up doubting their bodies
Feeling ugly and unloved
Not recognizing the beauty behind the tears

I write for those who grieve
Who've lost what can't be recovered
Who bury their pain inside
Instead of letting it flow through their fingers

So why do I write?
I write as my expression, my passion
I write to free myself from me
To become anyone I want to be

I write because it's my right
To show my life in lines and ink
To make sense of the senseless
To make the brokenness whole again


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