Why Would I Write A Poem About You?.


You pretty much broke me.
Hurt me and destroyed me
You pretty much cut me..
No i did it myself..
But your words, they're like knives
Leaving scars on my wrists thighs and arms..
i'm not really okay
But i'll pretend to be great..
You put me through hell..
Yes i know i hurt you as well.
And i am so sorry.
You didnt deserve that.
And i am so sorry.
I didnt mean to bring you down like that.
You told me that you loved me..
I thought it was a lie..
When we were together it felt like i could fly.
You let me fall, you let me down
You said you'd catch me and i believed you
Until i hit the ground..
I pretend that i forgot how you do..
Why would i write a poem about you?

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