Why Would I Change?


Some find me lame
and that's a shame. 

I may be strange
but I wouldn't change.

So you don't like how I wear my clothes?
Try and change me
See how it goes.

Don;t like the way I comb my hair?
Go ahead and mock it, see if I care. 

Regardless what you do or say
I am who I am, and I am happy that way.

You say I need to rearrange? 
Just so others won't find me deranged?

Try and tell me who to be.
You'll fail in total misery.

I can be weird
and sometimes strange.

for the like's of you,
I'll never change.

As long as I'm happy
In my own skin. 
your cutting words
won't make me bend.

I am who I am 
and that's a fact
I can't change my ways
cause I'm happy like that.

Surely to some it may sound deranged
Stay true to you and don't ever change.



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