Why Stick To The Status Quo?

Mon, 08/11/2014 - 23:35 -- Abri101


She was a lively girl, unique and different.

She laughed, danced, and loved to express herself

but everyone looked at her as if she was crazy.

Crazy because she didn't conform to society,

crazy because she laughed too much or danced too much.

The "populars" critized her unique personality which in

return made her think of herself as unwanted and

weird. Her happiness faded and her outgoing personality

no long shone through the rain. She conformed to the

norm of the high school stereotype. She lost her

bright smile and extraordinary presence.


It seemed as though she would never find the light at the end of the

tunnel ever again, until she decided this was wrong. This was not

her. This was not who she was. Who cared what people thought of her?

Who cared if she was unique? Who cared if she was a little crazy?

She decided to no longer let the "Populars" mold her into one of them.

She refused to let them belittle her and make her feel any less than they.

The only person she needed to please was herself. That day she learned to

stop pleasing others, to do what makes her happy.


So she decided to laugh a little more and dance around a little more, to express

herself just like she had a while before. She learned that it was okay

to be different and have a different opinion or resolution to a situation.

She learned not to let others influence her happiness and to do what

made her smile and laugh and dance. After all, the people that are happy

with who they are do live longer.

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