Why pray to a GodLess Sky?


"I am not religious", I tell them.

I'm just not.

I am not rejecting religion.

Just after all these years of having christian religion shoved down my throat I'm just not interested, you know?

"I'm really spiritual, really." Sigh.

Maybe I will be in the future. 

This is what I tell them. Well.. at least what I wished to tell them.

Them being family and friends, associates and outsiders.

I don't need to be affiliated with an organized religion in order to be happy and to have my life

filled with purpose.

I need no Code of Conduct to facilitate my affairs.

My dad's a pastor... Cool beans.

But that title do not mean much to me.

I've seen my pastor father become very frighteningly  violent.

Having a title doesn't make you holy or even mildly respectable.

"I am just not that religious", I tell them.

Or at least I wish I did.

None of that Stuff resonates within me.

None of the pseudo, lame christianity at least.

Sheesh, don't bite my head off.

I am more agnostic than atheist so don't go sprouting your hatred.

If there is a God(s) good.

If not, also good.

It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.


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