Why Me?

Why should I feel lesser because you are jealous?

Why should I feel like I should jump off a moving train because I have friends?

Why should my best friend belittle me for making changes in my life?


You were my best friend, my sister, but you didn't understand. 

You didn't understand that words could hurt more than a blow to the head.

You didn't understand that your slurs boosted my self hate.

You didn't understand that it hurt.


I'm sorry that I'm happy.

I'm sorry that you can't understand that I don't want to die anymore.

I'm sorry that you have to spit hate towards others to feel better about yourself.

I hope you find tranquility in your brutality.


I will still love you.

I will still care for you.

But I will NEVER stoop to your level.


Goodbye, friend. Goodbye.


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