Why Me?

Haven't seen your face in a while; I miss your smile.

I even missed the slick look I got from your eyes.

It's crazy... would like to say something wonderful about that day.

That one day when your presence meant the most....

Why would you take it from me?

That one day we found our way back to each other ....

Why would you say that to me?

After reuniting, after being miles apart, and after all we've been through..

Why do you cut my soul?

I can't believe it... he's right here... so close to my face...

I can feel his breath, feel the vibrations from the beating of his heart, I could look into his eyes and see every wonderful memory that we had..

For once in months I felt whole..

The scene is the same as it always was. 

The music beats throughout my heart.

Of Course , I'll Dance For You.

In your lap I'm the happiest girl in the world.

In your arms I'm safe.

With you by my side; the universe is complete.

Why would you take that from me?

Why would you say that to me?

Why would you cut my soul?

Ride home, exchange glares, smiles, and quick kisses.

He's mine. I'm his. We're Whole.

We could have talked until the next night and i still wouldn't believe it.

Every moment was priceless. they seemed to make themselves. 

After the stories, After the love we made, After the silences...

Want me to lend an ear... Baby, I'm all ears.

You think I'm going to be upset...  That's impossible.. I'm walking on clouds.

Take me by the hands... but brakes our gaze.

Now the face isn't so pleasant.... we're changing...

I see the hurt building in your mouth..

The protector in me arises.

"He Gone Be Just Like Me."...

After Those Words, After My World Stopped Turning, After The Shock...

Why would you take this Perfect night away from me?

Why would you say that to me?

Why would you cut my soul?

Why Me?


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