Why me?

You were new and had no friends


You sat in a corner on the floor

I actually felt bad but that was the biggest mistake.

I asked what your name was 

you replied 

I tried making conversation 

but you sounded so sad and angry at something else

so I gave you some space

couple days later you made friends 

I was happy for you! 

I saw you in the halls and I waved 

you ignored me like I was not even there 

I felt sad

then you started talking to me but not in the way I'd expect  

your comments about me were hurtful 

too skinny, not smart enough, too tall, and that my voice is too soft

it was kind of intense 

I never thought it could be

why me

you tried to make fun of me the way I dressed and who I liked

and it actually took effect 

you even turned most of my "friends" against me 

but what did I ever do 

I wasn't aware until one of your friends told me the truth about your reasoning 

who knew all along that you liked me 

but that too bad 

because I never really liked you back 

then you turned me like you

I don't think I could ever forgive you when I'm trying to forgive myself 

yea you deserve to feel bad 

and I hope you're listening to this, 

because this poem is about you 

but don't worry I won't expose 

I'll leave this case closed 


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